Cory Allen, seasoned southern musky guide, lauded writer and seminar speaker, and featured personality in such media outlets as “In-Fisherman Magazine”, “Musky Hunter Magazine”, “Fishing-Headquarters Online Magazine”, and “Musky Hunter Television” doesn’t just see angling as a past-time.  He sees it as an art form.

Utilizing the teachings of the late E.L. Buck Perry, he has an entirely unique outlook that he refers to as “Fin-Tzu: The Art of Angling” that doesn’t limit to you to any one species, water, or technique but bridges the gaps and breaks down the walls of paradigm, showing in fluid impartation the correlation between every aspect of the aquatic ecosystem and how we as anglers can interact with it.

Any day.
Any time.
Any species.

Combining science, biology, and – touch of his own signature philosophy, he will take you from the limitations of static information and “tinfoil hat teaching” to show you the greater broader spectrum of all angling is, from its point of origin, to the prospects of what it can be tomorrow with the right perspectives in place. You won’t just walk away with a couple tips, tricks, and some product placement: you’ll leave enlightened, piqued, and utterly in awe of the world of water forever opened to you, with your only limitation being your creativity and imagination.

Learn the language of the water, and make the world your aquarium.

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See what people are saying:


quote-start Cory found my analysis of him last night pretty amusing when I likened him to Susan Boyle.  A guy from Tennessee, going to wing it, dry erase board and nervous because he had not spoken to a crowd like this before.  What we got from the start was pretty amazing.  I can now on liken him more like Dick Pearson.  Power Point would have just got in the way, this guy talks on the next level.  What a great surprise and I guarantee he will return.  Very cool.

– Todd M.


quote-startI really enjoyed his stream of consciousness presentation. Especially considering his whole point was to think about what you’re doing and what you’re trying. You could just see the wheels turning up there. His process makes a lot of sense in terms of lure presentation, depth, action, size, etc. I’ll definitely try to put more thought behind the intentions of what I’m throwing when out on the water this year.

I can only imagine the brain dump you get from Cory when fishing with him. I’d have to bet it’s a good time with some pretty interesting thoughts being shared.

I hope he does come back…would definitely like hearing more from him.



quote-startWhat an awesome presentation. Would definitely like to hear more, part 2 shall we say. Talk about dialed in, Cory might floss with braid. Watch out for this guy for years to come. I’m definitely planning a trip with him in the near future.

Brendon Newell


quote-start Cory is scary smart and has a real love for the sport. We will be fishing together soon, both up here and down there.

– Joseph Alfe